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Latest The London Resort Unveils Exciting New Concept Art and Detailed Design in Planning Application

In what came as an important breakthrough, Britain’s much-awaited theme park, The London Resort, has submitted its planning application to the government in the first week of 2021.

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Photo credit: The London Resort. The latest rendering of the ambitious London Resort project shows more details about the different themed zones.

Application Filed by The London Resort

The brains behind the project have made their intentions by calling it a ‘sustainable, world-class, next-generation entertainment resort.’ It suggests that no corners are going to be cut when it comes to the scale and magnificence of the dream project.

The London Resort’s Gamechanging Themes

The primary complex is all set to have six different themed islands.

Beyond Entertainment, Till Environment

By harnessing the nearby landscape and the adjoining River Thames’s allure for the designs, The London Resort has been seamlessly integrated into the site. The architects and environmentalists on the team have ensured that a large portion of the peninsula remains untouched while the rest blends in. Besides having parks and biodiversity hotspots, the visitors will always have an option of enjoying the natural ambience.

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